Head Scarves - How to Wear Head Scarf Tips!

The perfect head scarf... probably as old as the first fabric, mankind has been using pieces of cloth to wrap their necks with for warmth, tie around their waists as belts, or wrapped around their heads or hair as elegant head gear. Scarves are very versatile clothing accessories and are used by many for functional or even for fashionable purposes.

A piece can be worn on a cold and wintery night to serve as a protection for your neck and to give you the much needed warmth that your body needs at this time of the year. A thick, woolen type would be very appropriate, not only to wrap around your neck, but also as a shawl or a head cover too.

It can also give your hair and your head some protection from dust and the wind particularly if you are riding at the back of a convertible or even a motorcycle. When crossing the river or a lake on a ferry on a slightly windy day, a head scarf can protect your hairdo from being tossed away in the wind

If you are having a bad hair day, then using head scarves to cover your crown can give you some of the best and most fashionable solutions to your problem. A winter scarf may be too heavy or inappropriate for this purpose, so you can just use one with a lighter material for more flexibility. You can either tie your hair down with it or fully cover the whole area. You can do whatever you want with it and you are only limited by your creativity however there are certain considerations you need to check out first.

Preliminary Considerations in Using Scarves as Head Gear

The most important consideration when trying to use one as an adornment for the head is the type of material that it is made of. A textured fabric would be ideal to use for a head scarf as it will not be as slippery as compared to satin or even silk materials.

Such slippery materials would easily unknot themselves or they would easily slide off from the hair or the skin. A textured fabric would have more grip and would be more flexible to use, however avoid using a cotton scarf as it can cause hair breakage as it rubs against your hairline.

If you insist on using only the best materials like silk for your head gear, of course you can continue to do so but it would preferable to have a longer piece so you can fold and tie them up more readily and easily. Rectangular and elongated fabrics work well as head accessories as they provide more room for flexibility for folding and tying in whatever manner you want to go. If needed, you can use a brooch or a pin to put the scarf in place so it will not slide off.

The colors and designs of the scarves of your choosing should match or complement well with your skin color, hair color and your dress. It would not be wise to choose a design or color combination that would not work well for you. You can check both online and offline resources for tips on mixing and matching.

Another important consideration to take when using these pieces as fashion accessories is to maintain cleanliness. Hand washing and dry cleaning are the only advisable ways to clean these and the frequency of cleaning would depend on how often you wear the scarf.

Accumulation of dirt and dust couples by the oily secretions from your skin and hair can render the colors lifeless and lose their shine. Do not hang scarves to dry as this may cause deformations particularly on long and heavy pieces. Dry them out by placing on absorbent towels or cloth and then air dry them.


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